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Our People

The secret to our success is the people we hire. Meet our team:

Sally Barrera, Director of Business Development

Phone: 323.775.6796 Bio
Email Sally
Eric Casas, Business Development Representative

Phone: 760.420.6815
Email Eric
Lauren Greer, Business Development Representative

Phone: 818.388.8338  Bio
Email Lauren
Deborah Hatch, Business Development Representative

Phone: 760.330.7623  Bio
Email Deborah
Lisa Kelly, Business Development Representative

Phone: 818.696.3967 Bio
Email Lisa
Hallie Packard, Business Development Representative

Phone: 949.607.7665 Bio
Fax: 949.625.6752
Email Hallie
Kellee Sauter, Business Development Representative

Phone: 760.566.8401 Bio
Email Kellee
Shelley ValenciaShelley Valencia, Director of Business Development

Phone: 818.309.6290 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1642
Email Shelley
Zerwekh_Elvia_bwElvia Zerwekh, Business Development Representative

Phone: 877.677.0552  
Email Elvia

Kristen Hartwick, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1339 Bio
Fax: 818.638.0109
Email Kristen
Mary LotzMary Lotz, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1326 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Mary
Susan OpalkSusan Opalk, Senior Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 702.534.4720 Bio
Fax: 702.924.0732
Email Susan
Shirley RuggShirley Aline Rugg, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1300
Fax: 818.863.1600
Email Shirley
Eric RustigianEric Rustigian, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1320 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8494
Email Eric
Eric RustigianJohn Salmon, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1393 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1763
Email John

Belinda ArriolaBelinda Arriola, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1303
Fax: 818.839.9001
Email Belinda
Maria BolksMaria Bolks, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1346 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8491
Email Maria
Rita ButtRita Butt, Escrow Officer

Phone: 949.625.6751 Bio
Fax: 949.482.1605
Email Rita
Therese CookTherese Cook, Escrow Officer

Phone: 760.705.1554
Fax: 619.930.9341
Email Therese
Kris CummingsKris Cummings, Escrow Officer

Phone: 760.705.1554
Fax: 619.870.0232
Email Kris
Christopher DaleChristopher Dale, Branch Manager/Escrow Officer Laguna Niguel Office

Phone: 949.625.6751 Bio
Fax: 949.528.6177
Email Christopher
Ellen DilbeckEllen Dilbeck, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.482.5065 Bio
Fax: 818.698.6428
Email Ellen
Jennifer FosterJennifer Foster, Escrow Officer 

Phone: 760.705.1554
Fax: 760.705.1336
Email Jennifer
Nazeli Grigorian, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1386 Bio
Fax: 818.638.0108
Email Nazeli
Alenoush HartenianAlenoush Hartenian, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1313 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1219
Email Alenoush
James IshamJames Isham, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1389 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1651
Email James
Hilary JacksonHilary Jackson, Branch Manager/Escrow Officer Encinitas Office

Phone: 760.705.1554 Bio
Fax: 619.870.0232
Email Hilary
Aileen KwonAileen Kwon, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1323
Fax: 818.459.1213
Email Aileen
Janette LomeliJanette Lomeli, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1374 Bio
Fax: 818.500.7419
Email Janette
Ana MartinezAna Martinez, Escrow Officer

Phone: 949.625.6751 Bio
Fax: 949.396.0764
Email Ana
Kerry McGuireKerry McGuire, Escrow Officer

Phone: 661.362.0400
Fax: 661.362.0415
Email Kerry
Jen MendigutiaJen Mendigutia, Escrow Officer 

Phone: 818.863.1398
Fax: 760.494.4406
Email Jen
Katie MiletteKatie Milette, Director of Escrow Operations

Phone: 818.459.1239 Bio
Fax: 818.296.9616
Email Katie
Cynthia MollerCynthia Moller, Senior Escrow Officer/Director of Online Education – Santa Clarita Office

Phone: 661.362.0400 Bio
Fax: 661.362.0415
Email Cynthia
Claudia OlivasClaudia Olivas, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1315
Fax: 818.550.8494
Email Claudia
Lynda OvertonLynda Overton, Escrow Officer Branch Manager – Santa Clarita Office

Phone: 661.362.0400 Bio
Fax: 661.362.0415
Email Lynda
Scott ParisenScott Parisen, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1329 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1217
Email Scott
Nicole ReamNicole Ream, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1354 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8494
Email Nicole
Daisy RojoDaisy Rojo, Jr. Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1395 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Daisy


Ashley EscaleraAshley Escalera, Escrow Assistant 

Phone: 760.697.9154  
Fax: 760.705.1543
Email Ashley
Claudie FarahClaudie Farah, Escrow Assistant

Phone: 818.863.1360
Fax: 818.459.1737
Email Claudie
Leslie FloresLeslie Flores, Escrow Assistant 

Phone: 818.459.1254  
Fax: 818.660.1456
Email Leslie
Melissa MillerMelissa Miller, Escrow Assistant to: Kristen Hartwick

Phone: 818.459.1236 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1752
Email Melissa
Jessica MarshallJessica Marshall, Escrow Assistant

Phone: 661.362.0400 Bio
Fax: 661.362.0415
Email Jessica
Jessica RodriguezJessica Rodriguez, Escrow Assistant to Janette Lomeli

Phone: 818.863.1337 Bio
Fax: 818.500.7419
Email Jessica
Jennifer WolfJennifer Wolf, Escrow Assistant

Phone: 661.362.0400 Bio
Fax: 661.362.0415
Email Jennifer

Scott AkerleyScott Akerley, President

Phone: 818.502.0400 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Scott
Jeff RussellJeff Russell, Executive Vice President

Phone: 818.863.1321 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1668
Email Jeff
Joe CurtisJoe Curtis, COO/Executive Vice President of Sales

Phone: 818.459.1765 Bio
Fax: 818.646.9103
Email Joe
Milly MillerMilly Miller, Vice President of Escrow Operations

Phone: 818.863.1334 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1634
Email Milly