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6100 San Fernando Road
Glendale, California 91201
Phone: (818) 502-0400
Fax: (818) 502-0607
License #9631459
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The secret to our success is the people we hire. Meet our team:

Deborah BoykinDeborah Boykin, Director of Business Development

Phone: 760.877.9231 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1205 Video Introduction
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Roubina Der SarkissianRoubina Der Sarkissian, Business Development Manager

Phone: 818.863.1342 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1642
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Shelley ValenciaShelley Valencia, Director of Business Development

Phone: 818.309.6290 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1642
Email Shelly

Kristen HartwickKristen Hartwick, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1339 Bio
Fax: 818.638.0109
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Mary LotsMary Lotz, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1326 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
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Milly MillerMilly Miller, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1334 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1634 Video Introduction
Email Milly
Shirley RuggShirley Aline Rugg, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1300 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1600
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Eric RustigianEric Rustigian, Certified Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1320 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8494 Video Introduction
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Maria ArriolaMaria Arriola, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1365 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8491 Video Introduction
Email Maria
Adrineh BetcheriAdrineh Betcheri, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1357 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1322 Video Introduction
Email Adrineh
Maria BolksMaria Bolks, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1346 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8491 Video Introduction
Email Maria
Kathlene FrancisKathlene Francis, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1363 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1239 Video Introduction
Email Kathlene
Gabby GarciaGabby Garcia, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.459.1266 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1267
Email Gabby
Natasha Garcia-SanchezNatasha Garcia-Sanchez, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1336 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1232 Video Introduction
Email Natasha
Alenoush HartenianAlenoush Hartenian, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1313 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1219 Video Introduction
Email Alenoush
James IshamJames Isham, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1389 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1651 Video Introduction
Email James
Gareen KopalianGareen Kopalian, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1214 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Gareen
Aileen KwonAileen Kwon, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1323 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1213
Email Aileen
Janette LomeliJanette Lomeli, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1374 Bio
Fax: 818.500.7419
Email Janette
Eliset Eliset “Ellie” Martinez, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1627 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1601
Email Ellie
Jen MendigutiaJen Mendigutia, Escrow Officer and Training Manager

Phone: 818.863.1398 Bio
Fax: 760.494.4406
Email Jen
Denise NealeDenise Neale, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1380 Bio
Fax: 818.547.5547
Email Denise
Scott ParisenScott Parisen, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1329 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1217 Video Introduction
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Carla J. PradoCarla J. Prado, Senior Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1324 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1624 Video Introduction
Email Carla
Carla SolerCarla Soler, Escrow Officer

Phone: 818.863.1358 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1634 Video Introduction
Email Carla

Jen BlackmoreJen Blackmore, Escrow Assistant to Eric Rustigian

Phone: 818-863-1320 Bio
Fax: 818-550-8494
Email Jen
Amy ChongAmy Chong, Escrow Assistant to Adrineh Betcheri

Phone: 818.863.1355 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1322
Email Amy
Kelley DavisKelley Davis, Escrow Assistant to Eric Rustigian

Phone: 818.863.1353 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8494
Email Kelley
Karina GomezKarina Gomez, Escrow Assistant to Adrineh Betcheri

Phone: 818.863.1636 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1322
Email Karina
Julie MaciasJulie Macias, Escrow Assistant to Mary Lotz

Phone: 818.459.1377 Bio
Fax: 818.551.4975
Email Julie
Melissa MillerMelissa Miller, Escrow Assistant to:
Eliset “Ellie” Martinez, Carla Prado and Natasha Garcia-Sanchez

Phone: 818.459.1236 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1752
Email Melissa
Nicole ReamNicole Ream, Escrow Assistant to Eric Rustigian

Phone: 818.863.1354 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8494
Email Nicole
Jessica RodriguezJessica Rodriguez, Escrow Assistant to Janette Lomeli

Phone: 818.863.1337 Bio
Fax: 818.500.7419
Email Jessica
Daisy RojoDaisy Rojo, Escrow Assistant

Phone: 818.863.1395 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Daisy
Angela SanchezAngela Sanchez, Escrow Assistant to Maria Bolks

Phone: 818.459.1268 Bio
Fax: 818.550.8491
Email Angela
Shannon SanchezShannon Sanchez, Escrow Assistant to Eric Rustigian

Phone: 818.863.1660 Bio
Fax: 818.459.1739
Email Shannon

Scott AkerleyScott Akerley, President

Phone: 818.502.0400 Bio
Fax: 818.502.0607
Email Scott
Jeff RussellJeff Russell, Executive Vice President

Phone: 818.863.1321 Bio
Fax: 818.863.1668 linkedinlinkedin
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