Ana Flores

Aug 26, 2015 /

Those who know Ana Flores appreciate her many shining qualities, yet one stands above the rest – commitment. Growing up in a big boisterous family, she learned to share her time and energy with six siblings without losing sight of her own goals. Today, this accomplished Escrow Officer channels more than 10 years of real estate know-how into creating the best possible escrow experience for her clients at Glen Oaks Escrow.

Ana was immediately drawn to Glen Oaks Escrow after meeting the management team and staff. “Not only is Glen Oaks Escrow filled with so many talented individuals, but the company itself is far more advanced, in terms of technology and regulatory systems, than anyone else in the industry,” she said.  “The support system is amazing, and I’m thrilled to be part of such a tight-knit company and professional team.”  Ana serves her clients with bilingual abilities in English and Spanish and handles a variety of escrow transactions including: residential and commercial, resale, short sales, REOs, and 1031 Exchanges.

A California native whose home has been in Orange County since childhood, Ana enjoys spending off hours with her family. They gather every Sunday for a commitment she cherishes — reconnecting with her ever-growing family, who now proudly includes 11 cousins.