Sales Team Manager

Elizabeth Harris Burros serves as the Sales Team Manager for Pango Group and brings a wealth of real estate experience to her role. Prior to joining Pango Group, she managed the Sales and Marketing division of two National Accommodators (1031 Exchanges). In these roles, she led various sales teams from different organizations, both small and large. 

Today, she works strategically and thoughtfully to create and implement new projects and offers positive encouragement and support to her team to ensure they are properly equipped to do their very best in their roles. When it comes to working in a management role, Elizabeth says, “There is no problem too small, no rant too long, and no person unworthy.” And this positive attitude helps keep her engaged with her team as they tackle any challenges or adventures that come their way. She loves to work on strategically implementing new projects with her team. 

On a personal level, Elizabeth was born and raised in Culver City, California but also spent time in Houston, Texas before moving back west to California to complete her undergraduate degree and her Masters. She adores food and wine tasting, spending time with her family, traveling, sports, and participating in philanthropic events.