Deborah Milks

May 20, 2015 /

There’s nothing Deborah Milks likes better than leaving her desk, going into the community and connecting Realtors and homebuyers with a great escrow experience. She joined Glen Oaks Escrow in San Diego for the opportunity of nurturing existing relationships and cultivating new ones with a company known for its high standards.

“Glen Oaks Escrow is progressive, supportive and very friendly,” Deborah commented. “I’m thrilled to work with professionals whose primary focus is the customer’s satisfaction. It’s a great environment.” Deborah’s role in business development enables her to leverage her 17 years of escrow experience, both behind the desk and out in the field. She has worked for escrow as well as title companies and is known for her positive attitude, exceptional customer service and ready smile. “I enjoy paperwork, but I love working with people. Helping them find the right escrow officer. Meeting all of the different entities in the transaction. It’s very rewarding.”

Deborah is a notary public as well as a fine cook—a skill she brings to the table and generously shares with friends and family.