Jaclyn Fong

Sep 1, 2017 /

Jaclyn Fong originally started her career as an Escrow Assistant intern during her last year of college. Unlike many internships that simply end and become a part of the past, Jaclyn’s did not.

She immediately knew that Escrow was a field she was passionate about and wanted to continue being a part of so that she could continue to help people reach their dreams in buying or selling a home.

For the past seven years, she’s served as an Escrow Officer and has been building new relationships and successfully serving clients ever since. One of Jacyln’s greatest assets is her ability to communicate with clients. She understands that escrow can often be a daunting process for clients.

In turn, she has perfected a way of making clients feel at ease with the process, documents and overall experience, and ultimately transforming it into one that isn’t scary, but rather easy to understand and enjoyable.

When Jaclyn isn’t occupied creating awesome experiences for Escrow clients, you can find her traveling, snowboarding or enjoying some down time over a movie at home.