Kilita Smith

May 14, 2018 /

Kilita Smith brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to her role as an Escrow Officer for nearly two decades.

The breadth and depth of her experience span into a variety of roles (commercial asset management and property management), which have contributed to her understanding and successfully manage a variety of escrow transaction types.

In addition, she holds MBA focused in real estate finance and has completed all of the coursework to apply for a California Real Estate Broker’s license, so she has a deep understanding of the industry from a variety of viewpoints, including the lender, broker, investor, buyer and sellers. This has ultimately allowed her to offer distinct solutions to any unique escrow challenges that might arise during a transaction.

Kilita is also highly skilled in interpersonal communication and attributes a great deal of her success as an Escrow Officer to providing great customer service to clients and always being available to them for questions, which explains how she was able to grow her escrow desk from refinances only to a highly profitable resale and refi desk within the first three years of her career as an escrow officer.

She and her team now serve clients in resale and refinance transactions: both residential and commercial, REOs, Short Sales and For Sale By Owner transactions.

When Kilita isn’t creating happy clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and dancing. And, she has is extremely talented at making handmade, natural body butters and oils!