Rita Butt

Aug 26, 2015 /

Escrow Officer, Rita Butt, has worked for several independent escrow companies for the past 26-years she has been in escrow. Despite the family-style atmosphere she was accustomed to, it did not prepare her for the tight-knit and supportive culture so unique to Glen Oaks Escrow.

“My first day of orientation was very enlightening,” Rita said. “The management team’s philosophy is ‘what can we do for you?’ instead of ‘what can you do for us?’ They’re just good people and it has created a very stimulating and positive workplace.” Rita spent her early years working for the city of Huntington Beach and handling escrow transactions for tract home sales. Over the years, she became a master at refinance escrows and continues to specialize in them today.

Although escrow was a career that happened through a natural progression of opportunities, it has become Rita’s passion, fueled by her ability to help people. “It’s so gratifying to be able to improve the situation of a borrower.” Rita has a loyal base of clients, no doubt due to her responsiveness, attention to detail and warm personality. Outside of the office, this wife and mother of two grown sons enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, family and friends.