Shannon R. Gutierrez

Dec 27, 2018 /

Shannon R. Gutierrez grew up in the Santa Clarita Valley and started building her escrow career as a receptionist with an in-house escrow company. While she was there, she gained valuable experience in each and every department, prior to being promoted to Escrow Officer and then Escrow Manager.

Currently, Shannon serves as Senior Escrow Officer at our Glen Oaks Escrow Valencia office where she brings immense value to our clients, team and organization.

On a daily basis, she provides a listening ear and guidance to clients and has a special knack for making them feel at ease, even in the most challenging circumstances.

When she isn’t meeting with clients, Shannon works meticulously to manage every piece of the escrow process to ensure that it all comes together perfectly, creating an exceptional experience for the client.

Coupling decades of experience in residential, refinances, REOs and short sales with her detail-oriented nature and impeccable level of client service, Shannon helps clients obtain their dreams of being homeowners each and every day. In her free time, Shannon enjoys spending time with her family.