Susan Opalk

Sep 1, 2017 /

Susan Opalk is the founder and co-owner of Glen Oaks Escrow Los Feliz. She has earned the title Certified Senior Escrow Officer and Certified Escrow Instructor from the California Escrow Association. Susan has a multitude of experience in all types of escrows from refinances to 1031 tax deferred exchanges, residential property to commercial property, and makes each closing a success for all parties, including first time home buyers and experiences investors.

Having been in the California Escrow Industry for over 30 years, Susan Opalk created and managed a successful Escrow Processing Center with a 99% accuracy rating for REOs, Short Sales, Refinances, and Sales. Susan’s current passion is “paperless escrow” and she has converted our escrow software to accommodate the paperless process which has been used successfully in Los Feliz since 2008. This “State of the Art” escrow technology, combined with Susan’s vast escrow experience, creates an environment of success for your transaction.