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Glen Oaks Escrow: One Source for all of Your Escrow Needs

Glen Oaks Escrow offers the highest standards of escrow services through our seasoned team of professionals. Expect peace of mind with every transaction...along with the warmth and graciousness that we are known for.

For over two decades and through several real estate cycles, Glen Oaks Escrow has been among the leading independent escrow resources in California. With our network of closing companies and recent expansion to Arizona and Nevada, Glen Oaks Escrow is now operational in three states delivering the most cost-effective and expeditious closings in the business. Top real estate agents, financial institutions and discerning investors have chosen Glen Oaks Escrow since it was established in 1988 for all their escrow transactions because of their unparalleled expertise and talented, responsive staff. While working with Glen Oaks Escrow, you can expect consistent access to top management, expert handling of your transaction details and a company that understands the changing escrow industry. With corporate headquarters located in Glendale, California, Glen Oaks Escrow has been voted “Best Escrow Company” in our community for twelve years running. We have handled hundreds of thousands of transactions and have a broad knowledge base which includes the following: Residential sales, New home sales, Commercial sales, REO, Short sales, Refinances, Relocations, Tax-deferred exchanges, Bulk sales, and Industrial sales. Our hard work, ethical conduct and bottom-line results have earned the business and trust of our valued clients. We hope to earn yours as well.