Laguna Niguel

Branch Manager

Christopher Arce-Dale
Branch Manager/Escrow Officer

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For a person whose favorite pastime is visiting open houses on weekends, it’s no surprise that Christopher Arce-Dale found his calling in real estate.  He began his career in insurance as an underwriter, and although it suited his technical abilities, it lacked the warmth of communication with customers. He moved into escrow as a receptionist, and more than a decade later he not only has his own desk at Glen Oaks Escrow but is also the Branch Manager at the company’s office location in Laguna Niguel.

“I have a Nordstrom mentality where service is everything,” Christopher shared.  “After I met with the management team at Glen Oaks Escrow, I knew it was the right place for me.”  The organization’s progressive thinking, support system and state-of-the-art technology enables Christopher to focus his energies on providing the personal touch and technical acumen his clients appreciate.  He handles residential resale, 1031 Tax Exchanges, large REO groups and some tract sales along with office managerial duties which entail recruiting topnotch escrow officers and building new relationships in South County.

When he’s not in the office or scouting new Open Houses, Christopher loves spending time with his family, driving through Trabuco Canyon and tooling along the coast in search of a good classic car show.


Escrow Officers

Ana Flores
Escrow Officer

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Those who know Ana Flores appreciate her many shining qualities, yet one stands above the rest – commitment. Growing up in a big boisterous family, she learned to share her time and energy with six siblings without losing sight of her own goals. Today, this accomplished Escrow Officer channels more than 10 years of real estate know-how into creating the best possible escrow experience for her clients at Glen Oaks Escrow.

Ana was immediately drawn to Glen Oaks Escrow after meeting the management team and staff. “Not only is Glen Oaks Escrow filled with so many talented individuals, but the company itself is far more advanced, in terms of technology and regulatory systems, than anyone else in the industry,” she said.  “The support system is amazing, and I’m thrilled to be part of such a tight-knit company and professional team.”  Ana serves her clients with bilingual abilities in English and Spanish and handles a variety of escrow transactions including: residential and commercial, resale, short sales, REOs, and 1031 Exchanges.

A California native whose home has been in Orange County since childhood, Ana enjoys spending off hours with her family. They gather every Sunday for a commitment she cherishes — reconnecting with her ever-growing family, who now proudly includes 11 cousins.


Chris Salas
Escrow Officer

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Chris is a veteran of the escrow industry. He began his career in his native country, Guam, when he was just 16 years old. Throughout his tenure, he has earned the loyalty and confidence of some of the most discerning Realtors in Orange, San Diego and Los Angeles counties. Chris’ innate ability to establish a personal connection with everyone he comes in contact with, his dedication to client satisfaction and his proficiency with escrow procedures collectively have made him an invaluable asset to many of the top brokerages, real estate agents, attorneys and mortgage professionals in Southern California.

Chris is experienced in residential, commercial, 1031 exchange and refinance escrows and is also a licensed Notary Public. Outside of the office, Chris invests his free time in philanthropic and charitable causes such as feeding and assisting the homeless in Downtown San Diego and Santa Ana.

Rita Butt
Escrow Officer

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Escrow Officer, Rita Butt, has worked for several independent escrow companies for the past 26-years she has been in escrow. Despite the family-style atmosphere she was accustomed to, it did not prepare her for the tight-knit and supportive culture so unique to Glen Oaks Escrow.

“My first day of orientation was very enlightening,” Rita said. “The management team’s philosophy is ‘what can we do for you?’ instead of ‘what can you do for us?’ They’re just good people and it has created a very stimulating and positive workplace.” Rita spent her early years working for the city of Huntington Beach and handling escrow transactions for tract home sales. Over the years, she became a master at refinance escrows and continues to specialize in them today.

Although escrow was a career that happened through a natural progression of opportunities, it has become Rita’s passion, fueled by her ability to help people. “It’s so gratifying to be able to improve the situation of a borrower.” Rita has a loyal base of clients, no doubt due to her responsiveness, attention to detail and warm personality. Outside of the office, this wife and mother of two grown sons enjoys spending time with her grandchildren, family and friends.


Business Development

Hallie Packard
Business Development

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When it comes to high performance, Hallie Packard is a natural.  She was driving a car by the age of nine, got her real estate license at age 19 and owned and operated a driving/racing school with her brother until turning her attention to real estate full time. Today, she is a business development representative at Glen Oaks Escrow in Laguna Niguel.

“My passion is people.  I like to get out into the community and see where we can make a difference for Realtors, brokers and mortgage institutions,” said Hallie. “Laguna Niguel is such a special city with amazing topography and close proximity to much of what makes Southern California famous – beaches, sunshine, recreation and of course, wonderful communities. At Glen Oaks Escrow, we’re here to listen, learn what folks need and provide our world-class escrow services.”

During her time selling real estate, Hallie assisted in the closing of more than 20 million dollars in sales.  She also became an expert in short sales, a Notary Public and earned a Series 7 certification in financial advising. Exceeding client expectations is her main priority, something for which Glen Oaks Escrow is also well known. “It’s a great fit,” she confirmed. “Our management provides the tools and support that enable everyone in the office to work at their peak potential. We have a highly experienced and motivated team.”

When she’s not out meeting new people throughout South Orange County, Hallie enjoys spending time with her husband mountain biking, paddle boarding and reconnecting with their respective families.



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