We’ve all been there.. Seeing three new emails pop up in our Inbox and eagerly opening them only to discover it’s all junk because it’s content that is irrelevant to what we need or even think we need.

But, have you thought about this scenario in terms of your content?

Email marketing can obviously be an advantageous form of marketing, but it can also present some challenges. Creating and sending messages that don’t speak to your target market is almost worse than not sending anything at all.

Ditch Generic Content

This is an easy habit to get stuck in. Maybe all you send to clients is report of your recently solds. But, what if there are people on your list, who want to buy?

Touting your success around sales probably won’t mean much to them. One solution: tell a story. In general, people react much better to narratives than just numbers.

Stop Thinking That More is Better

“Oh great, another email from Sue!” This is a statement we hope your clients never say when they see you in their Inbox. One misconception about email marketing is the more you send, the better chance you’ll have of converting.

Remember, more of something that isn’t good does not make it good. Here’s a tip. Take a look at your email open rates. If there’s a particular subject that has a high open rate, think about how you can replicate that angle because more of something that is good does make it better!  

Put Yourself Your Reader’s Shoes

Don’t hit send after writing your email marketing content. Instead, take a few moments and ask yourself if you’d find it interesting if you were the recipient.

If it feels a little dull, think about what you’re passionate about and craft your content around those topics! Get creative and appeal to your audience’s emotions, inspire them to make a change, or just crack a smile. It’s all about engagement!

Still feeling stuck?

Here are four things to consider when you create your next batch of content to increase engagement and ensure your recipients look forward to seeing you in their Inbox.

  • Use video to tell compelling stories and deliver a more engaging experience.
  • Share interesting, relevant knowledge supported by visuals to make it memorable.
  • Let your passion and enthusiasm shine in your content.
  • Relates to your reader on a human level to build a more personal connection.

We hope these tips help you make the most out of your email marketing campaigns! We’re here and ready to help with any and all of your escrow needs, so please contact us if we can be of assistance.