Evelyn Sanchez is a recruiter for Pango Group. Her recruitment experience includes time working at Robert Half where she started as an administrative assistant and was quickly promoted to a full-time recruiter. 

There, she assisted with accounts like Wells Fargo Home Mortgage, US Bank, First American Title, Stewart Title and Orange Coast Title. She adores working with Pango Group, and loves engaging with potential candidates, which can include helping them switch positions or onboarding for their first-ever job. She has worked in the escrow industry for five years. 

When she is not busy recruiting potential candidates, Evelyn enjoys spending time with her family and taking last-minute road trips. They love to explore new places! She also enjoys long walks with her dogs and hiking, which offer the chance for some much appreciated downtime. Evelyn says that if she was stranded on a desert island, she would undoubtedly have wine, sunblock and cheesecake by her side.