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What Does an Escrow Officer Do?

Aug 16, 2018 / Escrow

One question our team receives quote often is, “What does escrow do in the real estate transaction” or “How does escrow help in the real estate transaction?” Both of these questions are very important, so…

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What is a 593-C Form?

Jan 30, 2017 / Real Estate News

You probably already know that each state has its own set of real estate rules and regulations. California requires that income tax for the sale of a home  be withheld.  We wanted to share with…

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Facebook + RESPA

Jan 30, 2017 / Important Information

One of our priorities here at Glen Oaks Escrow is to ensure we keep you informed about topics affecting our industry! So, we wanted to share with you a few details about a pretty hot topic:…

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