Branch Manager

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Kilita Smith brings a wealth of knowledge, experience and passion to her role as an Escrow Officer for nearly two decades.

The breadth and depth of her experience span into a variety of roles (commercial asset management and property management), which have contributed to her understanding and successfully manage a variety of escrow transaction types.

In addition, she holds MBA focused in real estate finance and has completed all of the coursework to apply for a California Real Estate Broker’s license, so she has a deep understanding of the industry from a variety of viewpoints, including the lender, broker, investor, buyer and sellers. This has ultimately allowed her to offer distinct solutions to any unique escrow challenges that might arise during a transaction.

Kilita is also highly skilled in interpersonal communication and attributes a great deal of her success as an Escrow Officer to providing great customer service to clients and always being available to them for questions, which explains how she was able to grow her escrow desk from refinances only to a highly profitable resale and refi desk within the first three years of her career as an escrow officer.

She and her team now serve clients in resale and refinance transactions: both residential and commercial, REOs, Short Sales and For Sale By Owner transactions.

When Kilita isn’t creating happy clients, she enjoys spending time with her family, reading, cooking and dancing. And, she has is extremely talented at making handmade, natural body butters and oils!

 Escrow Officers

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Jo Rossley tried out a few professions before she found her true calling as an Escrow Officer. Formerly a pharmacy technician and the owner of a catering company, Jo realized over time that her strong suits were problem-solving and proactive communications. Little did she know that doing a favor would change her professional career forever.

“My friend was working at an escrow company and asked if I could do a short stint filling in for their receptionist. Almost immediately, I realized the escrow environment was for me,” Jo said. “It’s been 16 years since I started, and I’m still just as thrilled to go to the office every day.”

A person who is very hands-on and manages each transaction from the heart, Jo recently decided a change of scenery was needed. “The real estate industry has gone through some amazing transformations in the past few years, but not every escrow firm is keeping up. I was seeking out a company with a progressive management style that supports its team with the latest in technology. Glen Oaks Escrow was the perfect fit. They not only have an impressive operational process, they provide an internal sales force and a homey environment, both of which are rare.” Jo’s focus on relationship-building and an appreciation of escrow’s daily challenges have earned her a loyal client base. She specializes in residential escrow transactions including REOs, refinance and short sales as well as commercial. Jo is a Notary Public and a member of the National Notary Association and Los Angeles Gay & Lesbian Chamber of Commerce.

Although she left the catering profession behind, Jo can still be found cooking up amazing dishes for friends and family in her free time.


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F: 424.204.4562

Robin Kim

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Robin Kim is an Escrow Officer at Glen Oaks Escrow in Beverly Hills and brings over two decades of experience and expertise to her role. In addition to possessing a vast amount of knowledge in residential escrows, she is also skilled in the areas of: 

  • Stock Transfers
  • Medical Bulk Sale
  • Bulk Sales (with A.B.C. and without A.B.C.)
  • A.B.C. License Only Transfer
  • E-2 Visas
  • Commercial
  • Industrial
  • Apartments
  • Vacant Lots
  • Short Sales
  • Assumption / A.I.T.D. (All-Inclusive Deed of Trust)
  • Refinances (Commercial)

In addition to supporting all of the aspects required for escrow to close successfully, Robin is also passionate about making clients feel as at ease as possible as they navigate through the real estate transaction. 

She is able to accomplish this seamlessly by listening to the client’s needs, easing their fears or frustrations through excellent communication, and providing exceptional service during each step of the process. 

When Robin has some downtime, you can find her watching movies with her kids and traveling. 

Jenise Harrington
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F: 323.302.5571

Business Development

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With a law degree to her name and experience practicing real property and family law, Alison Fass enjoyed her work yet yearned to explore something that had always been of interest – real estate.  When a friend working at Pango Group mentioned a job opening in business development, she jumped.

“It was definitely a departure for me,” Alison acknowledged. “However, it was an opportunity to get into the real estate industry and join a forward-thinking, innovative and well-respected company— getting out there and meeting a diversity of people, which I love.”

Although she had her real estate license, Alison was attracted to the escrow side, which enables her to draw on her law background. Giving her the confidence to make the career shift was the management team at Glen Oaks Escrow and Escrow Trust Advisors. “They are supportive and provide all of the tools and resources needed to be successful in the field. It has been a wonderful transition thanks to all of the friendly and helpful staff.” Alison is looking forward to building relationships with residential agents, commercial brokers, and real estate attorneys with the objective of adding value to their business.

“The Westside is my backyard, and I’m thrilled at the chance to introduce more real estate professionals to the wonderful escrow services we provide.”

Outside of the office, this California native enjoys spending time with friends and family and never misses the chance to be in the great outdoors. She is also an avid sushi fan.


Regional Escrow Operations Manager

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Chris Karas is a Regional Escrow Operations Manager at Pango Group and brings a wealth of passion and experience to his role. 

With a background in financial services and business relationship management, he works diligently to empower his team, while ensuring that all aspects of the transaction run smoothly to exceed client expectations. 

In addition, Chris possesses impeccable problem-solving skills, which allows him to continuously figure out solutions to often complex situations, assist his team in doing the same, and build even stronger internal and external relationships.  

In his previous role, Chris was awarded the Citizens of Excellence Award, which was given to the top 5% of employees within the company. This recognition only further illustrates his ability to successfully build relationships and support the Pango Group’s mission, vision, and values. 

When Chris isn’t working, he enjoys hiking, camping, golfing, and traveling to new places.