mobilemarketingOver the past several years, the marketing landscape in the real estate industry has changed drastically. From Facebook marketing to new technologies that nobody dreamt would exist, the real estate marketing realm looks a lot different than it did a decade ago.

One common challenge that Realtors encounter in this ever-changing landscape is in identifying what technologies should be embraced and what solutions are simply fads. Analyzing numbers and return on investment can be highly beneficial. One technology that provides data that supports its growing importance is mobile marketing.

Currently, more than 91% of Americans are using a mobile phone and more than 1/5 are smartphone users. This number is estimated to grow to by 80 million over the next year. With these numbers in mind, many real estate professionals are identifying ways to connect with their current and potential clients via this channel.

Website optimization is one way professionals are honing in on mobile marketing. It’s great to have a beautiful website, but if a user is unable to view information in an organized fashion on a smartphone, this may be a problem. In turn, mobile versions of sites are being created to ensure that a site is fully functional when being viewed from a mobile phone.

QR codes are also leaving their mark in the mobile world. Real estate professionals are using these codes on business cards and sale signs in large numbers. When the code is scanned, it takes the user to a predetermined destination on the web, such as a listing page or about section. This allows the user to access information in real time in that very given moment versus having to go back to their home computer to view the information.

If you aren’t currently using any forms of mobile marketing in your overall strategy, it may be time to conduct some research and identity ways in which you can incorporate this new avenue that will only being growing over the next few years.