Shannon Sanchez

Sep 14, 2018 /

Meet Shannon. She’s an Escrow Officer at our Glen Oaks Escrow office in Santa Clarita and brings a great deal of experience, charisma and knowledge to her role.

Shannon started her career as a receptionist. And, while she loved taking calls and answering questions, she yearned to play a bigger role in the escrow process so that she could help buyers, sellers, real estate agents and escrow partners. So, she did just that!

Today, Shannon runs her own successful escrow desk and has an endless number of clients that she’s helped create an exceptional escrow experience for.

Not only is her skill set extensive – she specializes in residential sales, short sales, refinances and is also a Notary – but she also possesses immense compassion when it comes to understanding each client’s unique situation, needs and fears. Shannon is then able to create solutions and offer guidance based on those unique needs and ultimately creates an enjoyable and stress-free experience for her clients.

When Shannon isn’t busy creating happy clients, she enjoys spending time with her family and volunteering at church and non-profit organizations.