While you may not have the marketing budget of a large brokerage, by using “retargeting” techniques, you can stay at the forefront of that potential customer’s mind to recapture them.  By taking advantage of these tools, customers “who got away” won’t be able to swim further away from you and your brand, and in this day and age of real estate, that can make all the difference between success and failure.

  • Site Retargeting:  Users who have visited and left your site can be targeted in this way.  By segmenting your offerings (e.g. apartments, condominiums, etc.), you can customize messages that steer them back in your direction.  This method also allows you to offer incentives, with a clear call to action.  Various offerings are available from sites like Adroll.com, Retargeter.com, and FetchBack.com.
  • Search Retargeting:  By focusing on specific keywords, a web search campaign allows you to seek out sites that you feel are complementary to you and your brand.  Services like Google Remarketing can help you target the 90%+ who didn’t click through to you and your brand.
  • Regional Retargeting:  Regional retarget allows you to focus your efforts on customers searching for properties in your area.  By using sites like Simpli.fi and Chango.com, you can market to people looking in the region or regions you serve, allowing you to be front and center, regardless of the platform they’re searching from – whether it’s Google, Yahoo, or CNN (or anywhere else their mouse takes them).

The internet offers clients a lot more options – but by using retargeting tools like these, you and your brand have a lot more options, too.  Maybe even make you a bigger fish in a smaller pond!