fsquareWhat initially began as an application to review restaurants, stay in touch with friends, and compete for mayor status, has evolved into a location based application that real estate professionals are using to build and grow their businesses.

To date, over six million people are using Foursquare – a location based application that allows users to “check-in” at their current location. The application is downloaded onto a smartphone and the user then checks in and shares their location with those they are connected to. In addition, users are being offered deals to places within close proximity to their current location.

Although it may seem like game on the surface, Foursquare is gaining popularity amongst businesses, including real estate professionals across the country. Here are a few ways that users are leveraging Foursquare and other similar applications such as Gowalla:

Become the Mayor: Mayorships are coveted on Foursquare. Once you visit a location more than anyone else, you receive the recognition of being the mayor. Mayors often receive discounts and special promotions as long as they remain mayor. More importantly, in obtaining mayorships you will be working to brand yourself as a community expert.

Get Your Office on the Map: If your office isn’t already a location on Foursquare, add it! Once the location has been added, leave tips, check-in and connect with others. If someone in the area comes across your office location and sees your insightful commentary, you’ve just created some great branding for yourself.

Make Connections: If local individuals request to add you as a friend to their Foursquare account, accepting their request allows you to build relationships with people who could end up being future clients. Like many social media tools, Foursquare offers you another location to form and build relationships.